Understanding the impact of RNA modifications on RNA function will require a toolkit of potent and selective molecules that can be used to test biological hypotheses and understand the role of RNA modifying proteins in normal and disease states. I look forward to presenting our own data as well as hearing the successes and challenges of others that are also at the forefront of this novel area of drug discovery

Ann Boriack-Sjodin

VP, Molecular Discovery

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

RNA-targeted drug discovery has only recently re-emerged as a focus in the pharmaceutical research. As such, it is rare to be able to find individuals with expertise in moving these drug discovery programs toward the clinic. The meeting will be a great opportunity to bring this community together and to hear about the latest progress made by key opinion leaders throughout academia, biotech, and pharma

Christopher Barbieri

Senior Investigator

Bristol-Myers Squibb

The RNA Targeted Drug Discovery Summit provides a unique opportunity to bring together researchers in academia and industry working to understand RNA biology concepts and experimental approaches relevant to targeting RNA-mediated processes with small molecules, driving this field forward

Christopher R. Trotta

VP, Biology

PTC Therapeutics

The first edition of the meeting provided an exceptional opportunity to meet not just academics, but especially representatives from industry and the investor community. These opportunities continue to be of great value as we spin-off the academic work we have conducted into a fully-fledged start-up

Gabriele Varani

Professor of Chemistry

University of Washington

This meeting is an excellent opportunity to interface with industry members who are working hard to translate fundamental scientific findings into impactful new treatments

Julius B. Lucks

Associate Professor

Northwestern University