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Welcome to the RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery & Development Summit!

With xFOREST Therapeutics and Daiichi Sankyo collaborating their drug discovery efforts to target RNA structures in multiple diseases, and Rgenta Therapeutics raising $52M for their integrative RNA-targeting discovery platform, now is the time for the RNA-targeting small molecules community to reunite!  

Curated in collaboration with RNA and small molecule experts from Novartis, Pfizer, ReviR Therapeutics, Sanofi, PTC Therapeutics and more, the 2024 agenda will address early discovery, preclinical and translation challenges when identifying RNA targets, and developing small molecules to safely and effectively target RNA using novel screening technologies, AI, and machine learning. 

What Was New for 2023?

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Early Discovery Track with Panorama Medicine, Biogen, Pfizer and more, as they leverage the biophysics of RNA structure and dynamics to improve small molecule potency and selectivity 

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Preclinical & Translation Tracks discussing how you can utilize appropriate system models to test pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, allowing robust translatability into humans with PTC Therapeutics, ReviR Therapeutics and Rgenta Therapeutics

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Exciting new content on AI and Machine Learning - glean insights into how this technology is transforming drug discovery, and gain clarity on how to leverage AI to better understand
RNA-small molecule interactions and achieve proof of concept

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An RNA Target Identification & Validation Focus Day addressing the most prominent hurdles, including determining RNA structure, identifying binding regions and advancing the best RNA target allowing you to fast-track your drug discovery efforts

Here's a Snapshot of the Expert Speaker Companies in 2023:

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