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Welcome to the 5th Annual RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit!

As the industry continues its mission of expanding RNA druggability with small molecules, 2021 saw a multitude of new investments, collaborations, and new companies joining the field. However, breaking new ground into the uncharted territory of targeting RNA with small molecules has come with its challenges that need to be addressed before we can access a universe of new targets and with those novel therapeutic approaches.

With a better understanding of RNA biology and new tools now available to investigate RNA structure and binding functions, the 5th Annual RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit will unite the community. This forum provides a platform to truly open up, share knowledge and help advance the field towards gaining proof of concept on potent, selective, and orally bioavailable small molecules targeting RNA.

Your Unmissable Spotlight Case Studies:

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Delve into the future of the RNA with exclusive data driven insights to streamline the success of your RNA-targeted small molecule candidates from leaders of the field including Remix Therapeutics, Ladder Therapeutics & Azor Biotek

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Optimize & advance your RNA structural insights with fragment based approaches to guide the successful discovery, rational design & development of your RNA-targeted small molecule with insights from Saverna Therapeutics & Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

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Decipher the structure-function relationship conundrum to drive pharmacology alongside leaders including ReviR Therapeutics, Duke University & University of Colorado Boulder

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Explore the future of RNA investment, partnership & collaboration space for small molecules allowing cross functional sharing of knowledge, skills, and experience with insights from Expansion Therapeutics, Nyrmirum, Novartis & Accent Therapeutics

Unravel a molecular toolbox to achieve a successful proof of concept & advance preclinical translation of RNA small molecules to improve clinical outcomes with insights from Arrakis Therapeutics & PTC Therapeutics

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