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The 5th RNA Targeted Drug Discovery Summit is the only industry-led forum, dedicated to bringing together discussions within RNA small molecule targeted approaches. Year on year, we unite the leaders of academic and biopharma RNA world, to share latest advancements in their approaches to targeting RNA, and providing an unrivalled platform for discussions into how we can streamline the success of RNA small molecule therapies through discovery and development.

2021 Highlights

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Expand your knowledge of the RNA landscape by gaining exclusive insights and data-driven updates to streamline the success of your RNA candidates from leaders of the field such as Nymirum, Arrakis, PTC Bio & Expansion Therapeutics

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Optimize and advance your RNA structural insights to guide the successful discovery & development of your RNA targeted small molecule with insights from Novartis, AstraZeneca, Stanford University & National Cancer Institute

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Evaluate tested & novel structure-based methods for understanding RNA-ligand interactions and binding sites alongside academic leaders Hashim Al-Hashimi, Matthew Disney, Amanda Garner, Aaron Frank & Anthony Mustoe

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Overcome selectivity, specificity & toxicity challenges and accelerate the translation of your RNA small molecule pipeline into clinical development with discussions from
Anima Biotech, MD Anderson Cancer Center & AstraZeneca

Discovery of novel chemical matter & new chemical space for small molecule intervention with insights from Roche, University of Michigan, Baylor College Medicine, Remix Therapeutics, Ladder Therapeutics & Biosplice Therapeutics

Group Discounts Available 

Maximize value for money using special team discounts:

• 10% discount – 3+ delegates
• 15% discount – 4+ delegates
• 20% discount – 5+ delegates