Official 2020 Partners

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Pure Honey

Exhibition Partner 

PureHoney Technologies is a CRO based in Billerica, MA that provides mass spectrometry and analytical services to biopharma clients. PHT uses RapidFire-MS, ICP-MS and conventional U/HPLC-MS based native detection technologies for high throughput screening in drug discovery as well as biomarker quantification and functional and enzyme activity assays.  PHT also offers Affinity Selection MS on the ALIS platform to identify non-covalent binders of proteins, protein complexes and RNA.

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Turn Biotechnologies 

Event Partner

Turn Biotechnologies is a longevity company with the mission of reverting cellular, tissue and organismal age to ameliorate or reverse age-related diseases. To do that, we are developing a ground-breaking and safe therapeutics capable of epigenetically reprogramming aged cells. Our approach is based on a platform that uses proprietary mRNA-based technology and trade knowledge to effectively restore youthful competence in human cells. Turn Bio’s platform is developing pipelines that address skin aging, aging muscle disorders such as sarcopenia and osteoarthritis, among other aging-related indications.

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Lucerna, Inc.

Event Partner 

Lucerna, Inc. is a biotechnology tool company focused on leveraging its fluorescent aptamer technology (Spinach™) for the purpose of providing plug-and-play research tools for cellular RNA imaging and developing high-throughput screening platforms to enable new drug discovery of RNA-focused targets. Currently, Lucerna is commercializing a robust and homogenous RNA splicing detection platform that facilitates better hit identification of new small molecules or ASO splice modulators.

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Event Partner

We share your passion for science. Look to Promega for a wealth of tools for RNA-based research: RNA-based gene fusion detection, vectors for generating shRNA for use in RNA interference experiments, in vitro transcription (large-scale RNA production RiboMAX systems, systems for generation of RNA probes (Riboprobes) plus RT-PCR, RNA quantification and gold standard RNasin Ribonuclease Inhibitor. Our Maxwell automated RNA extraction instrument and kits maximizes efficiency without compromising quality. Let’s collaborate.

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Event Partner