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Expertise Partner

Eclipsebio is a San Diego based biotech company founded to enable researchers to generate new insights into human diseases and discover novel therapeutics. Since its inception, Eclipsebio has developed a suite of data-driven RNA genomics and epitranscriptomics tools that solve current and future challenges in science and medicine.

We produce a range of eCLIP technologies and several other RNA probing solutions which enable the interrogation of RNA and its interacting elements with unmatched clarity. From RNA modifications and secondary structure to UTRs, miRNAs and RBPs, Eclipsebio can help you build the world’s most detailed multi-dimensional RNA maps and realize progress faster.



Pure Honey Technologies

Innovation Partner

PureHoney Technologies is a contract research organization based just outside of Boston, MA that provides mass spectrometry and analytical services to biopharma clients. In addition to conventional HPLC-MS and ICP-MS applications PHT also offers mass-spec based functional and biochemical assay development and high-throughput screening. A key focus for PHT is our Affinity Selection MS platform used to identify and characterize non-covalent small-molecule binders of protein and oligonucleotide targets. The ASMS platform has been optimized to screen large chemical libraries against RNA and protein targets to identify binders. We have screened hundreds of targets working with clients ranging from big pharma to startups.


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